Most commonly found in the Mughal and Rajput style of architecture, a Jharokha is an over-hanging enclosed balcony or stone window, mostly canopied, generally employed for additional architectural beauty to the mansions. During earlier days, women with purdah used this to watch outside events by hiding themselves behind this vital structure that also fulfilled its duty as a decoration instrument.

Taking inspiration from this structure, Bharat Flooring created the JHAROKHA TILE. This gives an ethnic as well as a contemporary look.


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SKU: 061
Color: Yellows & Greens
    • This background is verified to be an original print of textures provided by Bharat Floorings based in Mumbai.

    • Bharat Floorings has become a part of India’s history by being present in landmark buildings around India as well as in the homes of prominent families. 

    • With this purchase you may use this for your final use only. This is a Copyrighted image and may not be recreated or printed or resold, without the express permission in writing from the artist and Bharat Floorings.